Friday, November 7, 2014

Sundance Award Winning Film about Homelessness, “The Overnighters”, Comes to Dallas

“The Overnighters” is a fascinating film about homelessness, and it attacks this issue from a particularly original and provocative angle. "It does amaze me that giving people floor space is provocative," muses Jay Reinke, the pastor of the Concordia Lutheran Church in Williston, North Dakota. He knows of what he speaks – for some months now, he has been offering up his church, and car park, for down on their luck men to sleep in. He's never short of takers: the fracking rush has brought tens of thousands to North Dakota, many more than can squeeze into this small community. But Reinke soon faces an ugly backlash. With his angry congregation fleeing, local law makers are determined to legislate to protect their own, and The Williston Herald is keen to know why Reinke is housing a sex offender. In this astonishing, Sundance award-winning film, we watch Reinke fight his ground on many fronts – all the while keeping up a public persona at painful odds with the troubled private person within.

Just in time for Homeless Awareness Week, the film will be playing here in the Dallas area for at least a week starting November 14 at the West End Cinema. You can check out more info at and and on social media at and

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