Monday, September 14, 2015

What a Waste!

How much human potential is wasted by the fact that still today, the place you are born, who raises you, how much money they have, and so many other circumstances beyond the individual's control, limit their ability to live meaningful lives, and contribute to society on par with what they could?

Think about homelessness, as an example. How much human potential is robbed from individuals and from society, because if you are homeless, our society looks down on you? Just think of the icons of the three Abrahamic faiths. Moses, shortly after he is born, and again after he slays the Egyptian, experiences homelessness. Jesus is born into an episode of homelessness. The Muslim calendar begins as Mohammed experiences a period of homelessness.

What are the authors of these stories telling us by deliberately including this circumstance in each story? I believe they are telling us, that your contribution to the world cannot and should not be limited by your circumstances or your station in life. After all, what an immense loss the world would have suffered, without these three influential figures making their mark on the world.

Let us resolve to learn the lessons of our ancestors. That is the only way our descendants will not look back on us, shake their heads ruefully, and say, "What a waste..."

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