Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Where We Are, Where We Are Going, and Who is Helping Us Get There

It can get pretty busy around here, at MDHA! That is why it is important, from time to time to take a quick snapshot of where we are in our work, and where we are going. Check out this blog post we recently published, which spells it all out: Building Dallas' Homeless Response System - Where We Are and Where We Are Going.

Our progress, to date and moving forward, is due to many wonderful people. We recently got a shot in the arm to strengthen MDHA with the addition of six board members! Thank you, Vickie Ebner, Brooke Etie, Karen Hughes, Regina Levine, Thomas W. Mills, Jr., and Ikenna Mogbo, for joining our board.

We were particularly gratified to receive a number of grants during the months of May and June. There is no way we can get where we need to be going without the support of these fine philanthropic organizations:

  • Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation - $15,000
  • Feldman Family Foundation - $15,000
  • Graham & Carolyn Holloway Family Foundation - $5,000
  • Harold Simmons Foundation - $25,000
  • Hillcrest Foundation (Bank of America, N.A., Trustee) - $12,000
  • M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation - $15,000
  • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas - $20,000
Florence E. King
(Courtesy of the Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation)
This is especially true regarding contributions (italicized above) to the MDHA Flex Fund, because most of the minor but impactful expenditures, that this fund pays for, may not be covered through existing federal, state and local grant funds, and therefore cannot be addressed through existing programs. There is no substitute in this area for private philanthropic support! With the most recent grant above from the Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation, total contributions to this fund just topped $120,000, but the needs it addresses have anything but slowed down. 

You can check Our Wall of Champions for a full list of our supporters. We can't thank them enough! Now, we don’t want them to get “lonely”, so head on to this page to join them: Become a Champion – Give to MDHA!

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