Tuesday, August 23, 2016

MDHA Website (and Related) Updates

These last few days we updated and spruced up some of the content on our website, and tweaked one of our programs. We hope you will take the time to check these out!

·         The main changes were made on these two pages:

o       About MDHA - http://www.mdhadallas.org/what-is-mdha/

o       MDHA in Depth - http://www.mdhadallas.org/mdha-in-depth-2/

·         We added a self-explanatory page called, What Can You Do to Help? http://www.mdhadallas.org/what-can-you-do-to-help-2/

·         Lately, as a staff, we have been discussing and analyzing the MDHA Flex Fund, as we come up on its first “birthday”, and as a result we made some tweaks to it. Accordingly, we updated and spruced up our MDHA Flex Fund Guidebook, and published it on the MDHA Flex Fund page on our website: http://www.mdhadallas.org/the-mdha-flex-fund/. We then updated that page itself too.

·         Finally, we updated the documents we call MDHA in One Page and the MDHA Flex Fund in One Page, to accurately reflect all the above. You can find these on our Key Documents page - http://www.mdhadallas.org/key-documents/
Once again, we hope you will visit our website, and read all about MDHA, and how we are leading the development of the homeless response system, that will make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring!

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