Thursday, July 9, 2015

9 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Really Truly Help MDHA

I know; it is mid-summer, and you are sitting there saying to yourself, “Self, how can I help MDHA?” I am glad you asked. Here is the answer (or nine answers, really):

1. Tell three people about what we do. Use as a cheat sheet.

2. Read our CoC Strategic Work Plan, and find an item or task you can help us and the community with to help end homelessness in Dallas and Collin Counties.

3. Read our e-newsletter, forward it to others, and ask them to sign up by texting MDHA to 22828 or sending an email to

4. Add (something like) this to your email signature: End Homelessness – Support MDHA -

5. “Like” us and “invite” others to “like” us on Facebook -

6. Follow our Twitter feed at

7. Come to our next Hard Conversation

8. Become an MDHA Champion -

9. Copy this to your calendar on September 17, 2015: North Texas Giving Day - Don’t Forget to Give to MDHA! Click here:

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