Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Missed Hard Conversations: Housing First? Watch It Now!

This last Monday, September 19, 2016, MDHA, CitySquare, and the Dallas Public Library presented a book synopsis of Housing First: Ending Homelessness, Transforming Systems, and Changing Lives.  Randy Mayeux, renowned scholar and longtime book reviewer at CitySquare’s Urban Engagement Book Club spoke at the J. Erik Johnson Public Library, to a packed house, and you could hear a pin drop. Thanks, Randy! You hit it out of the park.

Cindy J. Crain, MDHA President and CEO, introduced Charles, one of many bona fide Dallas Housing First success stories to the crowd, and shared the numbers on client success in Housing First programs in Dallas. If you have read this blog before, you know those numbers already – 96%! Larry James, CEO of CitySquare spoke about how The Cottages at Hickory Crossing and other CitySquare programs utilize the Housing First philosophy, and both he and Cindy took questions.     

Our good friends from Two Hats Publishing taped the whole thing, so click here to download Randy’s handout and PowerPoint presentation, and then click here to watch the whole session:
We posted the above video, handout, and PowerPoint on the Key Documents and Hard Conversations pages on our website too, along with an audio recording (does not include Cindy and Larry’s parts). Enjoy learning, and spread the word!

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